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Aniruddha Pawar

Customer Success

When we introduced the Agile processes initially to the customer, there was some organizational resistance. Now, our clients are really happy with the agile practices we have implemented. They have even asked for our help to replicate the same structure in the other practices, which the senior management described as "golden standards".

When I joined Brillio, I was handed the Engineering track of the account I'm still working on today. Ever since my initial days, I started evangelizing the benefits of going Agile and why we should have proper pipelines, capacity planning, and processes. We started having regular meetings, retrospections, kick-off sessions, demos, etc. I realized that all our resources should go Agile. We made it mandatory for everyone to go through the Agile certifications, and we had 80+ people certified at Brillio.

There was some organizational pushback when we started introducing Agile to the customer. The client was not fully invested and some of these practices were considered redundant, but when we started delivering, they understood its importance and efficiency.

Now, our clients love the processes and the agile practices that we have implemented, including the transparency, reporting, timely deliverables, and the ease with which you could raise a flag or highlight a particular dependency.

Our Brillio team handles everything from hiring, designing, implementing, and testing, to documentation and building the solution.

While my total work experience is 17+ years, I joined Brillio 3 years back under the PPE division. When we started, the team was very small, now it has grown to almost 250+ people. Initially, the reporting structure was still developing, and I had to be much more hands-on. As the practice matured, we started empowering team members, identifying the leads having more knowledge about a particular product or technology, and promoting key people to leads/architects/managers.

Attrition is one of the biggest challenges in the industry. We try to pull all our people together by having closer interactions and encouraging them to take certifications.

Now, my focus is to search for opportunities, including areas where we don’t yet have a presence with our existing clients.


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