Dolly Dewan

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Dolly Dewan

Customer Success

For me, one of the most relevant experiences was the first project I was assigned to coordinate. It was a monumental win. I felt so appreciated, to be trusted by the team with handling something at that scale. It was particularly noteworthy because it was one of the first projects I’ve been a part of after joining Brillio.

When I think about overcoming challenges, a particular project always comes to mind. It was a project at a tremendous scale, not just from a technological perspective but from a business perspective. There was a considerable number of stakeholders involved, with many different departments. The major roadblock was coming to a single consensus among the teams. Everyone had their own perspective, and nobody was wrong. As part of the pre-sales team, we acted as catalysts and brought the teams together, created tailored collaterals and presentations, and, in the end, delivered the solution to the customer. Getting everyone on board was a real challenge but also a major learning point for me.

Another example would be when Brillio was going through the process of obtaining a certificate. I was communicating with multiple stakeholders within the company to come up with a solution to present to the external audit team. The true challenge was the time frame: we had to deliver everything within a week. I discussed with the delivery teams, the architects, I got approvals from the required departments, and I drafted the plan and the deck we presented during the audits. Within the week, we managed to obtain the badge of Azure Expert MSP.

I've been a part of Brillio for one year and eight months. During this time, I got the opportunity to manage, coordinate and orchestrate two major audits, to program manage the Revenue Acceleration Program, to be a pre-sales SPOC for multiple deals, and also create collaterals for alliance activities while also providing functional support. I’ve also been part of the training team for new employees and part of Brillio’s WoW program.

I originally joined as an intern in 2019 (April-May) while I was doing my MBA, and I was quickly assigned two projects, one of which was driving readiness for the Azure Expert MSP certificate.

Working at Brillio, I gained a lot of experience handling deals on my own. Usually, this cycle outside Brillio takes significantly longer, with people getting into deals after at least two years. I’ve never seen my friends who joined other companies get the same experience so early. That was one of the most amazing experiences I had with Brillio.

Soon after I joined full-time, I started handling deals on my own, with different commercial sizes, coming up with proposals and presentation decks. At the end of 2021, I was selected and joined AMS, where, during the 2.5 months, I had intensive training sessions, both from internal and external trainers. The learning curve was very steep, but it was all worth it. I learned how customer success actually works and what we should be doing to ensure that.


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