Rachit Panigrahi

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Rachit Panigrahi

Customer Success

One of the greatest assets for me and my team is that we speak both languages: we understand the business requirements and have the technical skills to discuss and deploy the needed capabilities.

For me, Brillio provided continuous opportunities and growth. The training when I first joined represents only a fraction of the skills I acquired by actually working with the clients. A significant part of my job required sharpening my soft skills to deal and discuss with various customers with different personalities. In my role, I need to understand the subtle nuances of every stakeholder to deliver the expected results. I act as a catalyst between various teams, such as tech or delivery, and client partners, putting together solutions.

The change I witnessed coming to Brillio was undeniable. The kind of growth Brillio provides is unique for this scale and size in the industry. People at Brillio are extremely approachable, even the practice leaders. I started taking lead on deals, talking directly to the customers only four months after joining the company. The industry average for this role is at least two years for anyone new. Brillio empowered me to make important decisions for sizeable deals.

For example, one of the deals I've been a part of had tremendous scale, with significant implications across the client's business. I had never done anything like that in the past. To deliver, we first needed to understand all the stakeholders’ requirements. That is where our soft skills training came into play. Our primary contact was very technical, which meant the solution we would present had to be detailed, explicit, in as much depth as possible. At the same time, the person he was reporting to in the client's organization was more interested in determining whether Brillio could govern the project and focus our attention on them. To speak both their languages, we had to create all collaterals, decks, and presentations in different styles, suitable for both stakeholders. We constantly made changes, enhanced and customized the solution according to the customer requirements. The result was truly spectacular.

Another one of our clients was not happy with the services provided by an incumbent vendor. However, the client was facing several challenges with identifying the issue. They contacted Brillio, and my team and I stepped in and performed a deep-dive analysis of the data to unearth the areas of concern. Based on our findings, we then proposed a series of solutions and recommendations to solve those issues. The client appreciated and praised our extremely quick turnaround and intricate analysis.

While I had discrete technology and business knowledge before joining, Brillio provided a platform to amalgamate these two aspects. Brillio catalyzed my inquisitiveness to learn the business aspect of technology. I could appreciate the intricacies of business and develop solutions to bolster the clients’ business which, in turn, resulted in Brillio becoming a true strategic partner to our clients.

Leadership support was paramount for customer success and also for my growth journey. When working on such large-scale deals, you’re bound to have a plethora of reviews from different leads. How a leader takes those inputs and suggestions and puts together a clear vision and roadmap to enhance the solution is extremely important. Our results are a combined effort, testimony to our teams and leaders.


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