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Reshma Ladakhan

Customer Success

“Brillio has provided many opportunities to work on challenging assignments and milestone projects, which helped me grow and excel in my domain. ”

I joined Brillio in 2017 as a fresher through college campus placement and worked with multiple customers across several domains and technologies. I'm currently with the data science team, pursuing the career of my dreams. During these five years, I played various roles, such as BA, data engineer, and data analyst, all incredible learning opportunities that helped me get to where I am now.

Every time when I select a new project, it's not because it is an easy task but because I welcome challenges. I never got a similar assignment working for Brillio. My managers told me they were confident that whatever project I got, I could deliver as soon as possible, which truly empowered me.

For example, a client from the QSR industry was not able to track easily, and couldn't predict how many orders will come through in a particular period. Without data-driven insights, it was difficult for them to make a decision on the spot. We have built a model that will tell them to analyze what is actually happening. The client could take weekly or daily data and understand how they can manage inventory, how they can manage drivers, how many orders can handle on that particular day, how much staff they need in their restaurants, etc. With our help, they got clear insights, so their restaurants know what sales they'll have for the day and how to plan for tomorrow or next week.

For another project, we had to build a conversational AI – a chatbot. Although I had no experience with this, my manager put her trust in me, and my team and I have successfully delivered in just six weeks. This was doubly impressive since we spent 3-4 weeks in the requirement collection phase and had just 1-2 weeks to deliver the project. In 6-7 days, we completed everything. The customer was extremely happy, and, since we delivered so fast, we continued and extended our collaboration with the client.

I also help with the data science Center of Excellence, working on supply chain management. We picked the four pillars of supply chain management, from understanding the demands of the customer to understanding the staff requirement/ allocation and how we’re delivering the items to the end customer. My contribution was understanding the complete process, defining how we can manage it, and identifying the four major use cases for us to work on and what challenges the business is actually facing.

Our senior managers are the torch bearers of this organization. They've been always listening to my queries, provided me with a platform where I can prove myself and work towards my dreams, gave me timely feedback, appreciated me, and uplifted me when I needed it the most.

The best thing you can ask your managers: what your career path looks like after three years, or five years, to see the long-term goals and prospects. This is how I used to connect with my managers. They would tell me where I was, and what I should focus on, how I could get to the next stage, in my case, data science.

I also believe in giving back to the community. I spent some time teaching at government schools, helping students, but also teachers, with subjects such as computer fundamentals. I also recorded audiobooks for disabled children and participated in many CSR activities, as part of Brillio's Bringing Smiles campaign. I recently had a session with UG & PG students of KLS GIT Belgaum on career opportunities in data science. I'm always looking for opportunities to help the people around me.

I followed the feedback, my passion, and what my managers told me, and I was quickly able to make the transition from BA to Data Science and the career I always wanted.

I’m learning, enjoying my work, and growing along with Brillio.


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