Sayani Das

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Sayani Das

We Care

One of my career anchors is the ability to give back to society and to be dedicated to a cause.

I joined Brillio as an intern in my second MBA year in 2019, and I was in awe of the culture and the warmth exuded by everyone in the company. Since I joined, I tried to include, interact, and reach out to my team members, as well as to people outside my team every chance I got, extending any kind of support or help they may have needed. I always try to enable others to stand out, believe in themselves and in what they can achieve, and help them feel encouraged at the workplace and beyond. For example, while I was acting as an event moderator as part of the Brillio WoW team, I was happy to have been able to include my team members to also start coordinating and hosting events.

Another example would be Brillio’s Bringing Smiles initiative, which gives me purpose and makes me incredibly proud of what we do and what Brillio has given back to the community through this program since its inception.

In 2019, I visited the Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled and recorded an audiobook in the Digital Recording Studio created by Brillio. These audiobooks get stored in a central repository from where visually impaired children around the country can access and listen to stories. My team and I also interacted with the children there, discussed their aspirations, and shared stories of leaders, empowering them and instilling a lasting image of what leadership should look like. In 2020, we have had multiple virtual sessions with children who are part of the National STEM Program, attended Virtual Literacy Sessions by Brillio, and organized various events during Christmas to entertain them.

During the pandemic, I realized the importance of harvesting a personal connection with the team, on top of the daily work-related discussions, especially considering our team doubled in size. My colleagues and I decided to start having ‘fun FriYAY connects’ where we would play games and get to know each other, greatly improving team cohesion.

I am also a firm believer in having an entrepreneurial spirit, another core value Brillio cherishes. Raj, our CEO, spoke to us about the importance of seizing opportunities and having an open mind to say YES to something new and exciting. I’ve always enjoyed taking on new challenges, so that truly resonated with me. Following my internship, I joined full-time the Pre-Sales team in 2020, and it has been an exciting journey ever since, packed with learning opportunities. During my team here, I had the chance to work in various areas, from Pre-Sales Consultant to Interim BA to Program Manager to Account Management School Graduate. Brillio provides so many avenues to explore and develop your career.

I equipped myself at Brillio with classroom training, certifications, and in-depth domain-specific learnings powered by our Brillio Academy and I became a SAFe Certified PO and an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner within a few months.

”We Care” is not just about how Brillio cares for society and the commitment to our clients but also about the wellbeing of Brillians.

I feel tremendous pride in the work I do. The thrill of seizing every opportunity that comes my way is what keeps me going, and knowing how valued I am at my workplace motivates me to push myself even harder every day.


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