Shashank Kumar

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Shashank Kumar


I have always strived for excellence in whatever I do, both at work and in my personal life. I believe that if you strive for excellence for your clients, you will deliver the best solutions, which naturally translates into customer success.

My journey with Brillio started a year ago. This period has been a very enriching experience for me, packed with learning and opportunities. I've been working with many senior leaders, who helped me understand their perspectives and expand my horizon.

During my time here, I have been part of several initiatives and activities that helped me understand what customer success and excellence are for Brillio. I have been selected for (and now graduated) the Account Management School, a rigorous and extensive program spanning over four months, featuring top executives and industry experts aiming to empower future account managers.

For me, AMS represented a holistic learning experience focused not only on Account Management skills but also on technical skills, soft skills, analytical thinking, networking, stakeholder management, and the ability to think on the go. The AMS program has given the leap any employee aspires to.

The team that I am part of is full of energetic and brilliant minds who are always ready to extend their support whenever needed. One time, we were working on a strategic multi-practice deal with a very tight deadline. It required coordination across multiple stakeholders, practices, and time zones. It was getting difficult for me to own all activities, such as bid management, coordinating with multiple stakeholders, brainstorming with the team, putting together the solution response and commercials. Seeing this, my manager himself got involved along with another teammate and provided hands-on support till the closure of the bid. We divided the work equally to ensure no one was overburdened and worked as one to put together the solution in 3 days for review.

Another example would be when we were working on a very large and complex deal for a prospect for their upcoming modernization program. We spent the initial few days researching the industry, challenges, value chain, and the entire ecosystem. We formed a bid team, and after two weeks of brainstorming, ideating, and strategizing, we created a proposal response comprising our understanding of their industry and challenges, technical solution, delivery approach, the team, and the commercials. We presented this solution to the panel of client stakeholders who really appreciated our detailing, 360-perspective, technical know-how, and thought process. The client said there are many Tier-1 vendors also part of the bid, but no one has produced such a holistically-thought solution that focused on business outcomes.

Since joining Brillio, I've been involved in multiple areas, including presales, GTM strategies, alliances, partnerships, several sizeable strategic deals, and have also helped with hiring and mentoring new team members. Leadership made sure I contribute across different avenues, which helped me develop new skills. I have always been recognized and rewarded for the good work I did while also receiving feedback for improvements, which I believe is the key to one’s success.


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