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Anoop Kumar


I had the opportunity to lead Modern Application Development CoE within PPE and work with a great group of people who demonstrate excellence every day. The feedback we receive from the delivery teams about the CoEs and the value we are bringing is making us incredibly proud.

Whenever I think about excellence, one particular engagement always comes to mind, when the client appreciated our expertise, resourcefulness, and ability to maneuver challenges. Our team took the lead in times of confusion, putting forth innovative solutions to solve the customer challenge and our eagerness to go the extra mile to ensure we are building the right solution for our clients.

However, the journey was not short of challenges. The client was working with a lot of partners. When building a solution at scale, someone needs to take ownership and drive it. We saw the client was struggling, and we took that position, providing the direction and solution to what needed to happen, what are the next steps, what partner must be responsible for what, and what impact it may have on the timeline of the project delivery. We gained a lot of trust from the stakeholders. They came to us for any modifications. When the project went live, the client named individuals from our team, saying what an amazing job we have done.

That was my first major delivery, with a lot of challenges- both internal and external. It’s been amazing to end up at that level where we got such incredible feedback from the team.

I've been with Brillio for almost two years, and I've thoroughly enjoyed the journey so far. I love being a part of this story and the challenges that drive me to excel in whatever I do. I have been part of community building, capability building, solution building, sales initiatives, and delivery activities across several accounts during my tenure here.

With my team, we stretch the fabric of technology and show what Brillio is capable of, what we can do, and how we can help from a technical perspective. One recurrent challenge we found was the lack of visibility and exposure to resources in organizations. For this reason, we started four centers of excellence in PPE: Modern Application Development, Cloud, XT, and QE.

We first tackled the issue of people engagement. We have created the microsite and started engaging people, helping them be aware of where to find any information, and know that if they require help, direction, or counseling, they can reach out at any time. We also helped build solutions and support our delivery teams in designing the best proposals and thought leadership.

I come from a marketing background, mainly dealing with experience management systems, content management, commerce, campaigns, etc. I joined Brillio with that skillset, worked on a few delivery projects, and then started building the CoE capabilities. At the time, the team was very small, started from scratch, with only a 10-people development trying to hire more and expand. Late last year, I began transitioning from a digital marketing role into a more broad base platform technologist role. I know this is just the start, but six months down the line, I’m happy to see the kind of impact that we have generated.

Now, the Modern Application Development CoE, which I lead, has 800-900 people. That’s a huge size and scale, and it’s an ongoing journey and challenge to ensure we have the right momentum and to bring in the right people.

As for what’s next for me, I want to keep expanding my horizon as a technologist, I’m trying to learn from the senior Brillio leaders. I believe my journey has just started, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future brings.


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