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Kenrick Vaz

We Care

I have a real passion for helping people, I rush to any project I find where can give back to the community, but I’m also passionate about web apps, mobile apps, and all the tech space. In the future, I would like the best of both worlds, to keep helping with volunteering projects, but also to follow my love for technology in my professional life.

When I joined Brillio last year, besides colleagues, teams, and projects, one of the first things I sought was to find any way to contribute to CSR projects and give back to the community. I soon learned there was an opportunity to join mentoring sessions where Brillio was a partner. I immediately volunteered, and each of the volunteers was allocated a child for mentoring. I would set up sessions 3-4 times a week for 40-45 min for subjects such as English, Math, Science, and everything else, whatever questions my mentee would have.

We tried to keep them engaged with their studies while expanding their horizon, guiding them, and answering anything they would ask.

We, the volunteers, aimed to help the kids beyond the scope of the school curriculum, to understand what every child needed, and provide as much as possible. For example, the child I was mentoring took part in a state-level science competition. We discussed the assignment, worked on an idea, then he built the model while I helped with anything he needed.

Another project I joined wholeheartedly was the STEM sessions for kids who are a little older, around 9-12 years old. The Brillio volunteers took turns conducting these initiatives. The sessions could either be something fun, a learning experience, or something related to the school curriculum, like math, engineering, technology, etc.

During an hour-long learning experience, we would go through interactive subjects and interesting ideas, that the kids loved. For example, they had these focused sessions on science and engineering after school hours, which had them prepared for future engineering roles, higher-level science, and their professional careers.

I also signed up for an audiobooks initiative toward the end of last year. It involved recording audiobooks for kids who are visually impaired. Over the course of a few weeks, we have recorded a small novel. We’ve been working with an organization that takes all these recordings and mixes them into a proper audiobook.

I joined Brillio in June last year as a mobile expert to help with developing the mobile team. The interviewing processes went amazingly. Soon after, I joined the Experience Technology (XT) team, where I worked on AR/VR, Chat bots & Voice bots and Mobile & Web based Metaverse projects. I had already helped with setting up several mobile projects when, in December, my manager changed roles within the company and asked me to step up and take his former job, leading the XT team. Since January, I’ve been managing this team, which now goes beyond mobile to front-end technologies and more.

This was a huge change for me, and I was super excited to take on this new challenge. I have successfully planned and organized our first XT Hackathon for the year. However, engaging with the leads and helping the team grow has been the best part so far.


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