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Brillio Academy is committed to driving agile and accelerated learning to help Brillians perform at their full potential.

The key factors that empower the Academy:

  • A team of highly experienced learning and development (L&D) professionals.

  • An ecosystem of access-from-anywhere digital learning platforms.

  • Best-in-class content curation partnerships.

The combination of professionals, ecosystems, and partnerships enables us to
deliver personalized learning solutions across the enterprise.

Brillio Academy's mission is to provide empower Brillians to develop valuable skill sets and successful careers through focused learning interventions and training programs.

Brillio Academy is centered around four schools:

Brillio Academy is centered around four schools:

1. Sector School

A comprehensive program to develop your skills in areas such as commercial banking & payments, pharma and life sciences, warehouse management, field services, and telecommunication.

2. Digerati School

An immersing learning intervention with a focus on sales, leadership, and enabling teams to unleash the full power of technology and discover new ways of working.

3. Engineering School

A focused development experience set on deep-diving cutting-edge core technology and modern engineering practices in our teams across the organization.

4. Account Management School

An end-to-end competitive learning program focused on upskilling Account Managers and exposing them to all possible real-life scenarios they might encounter in their role.

Together, we create the future you always aspired to. Explore your next career opportunity.